We are open again for donations and collections.

From Monday 18 May we are able to open again for acceptance, collection and distribution of donated goods.

  • Donated items: Please visit our WHAT IS NEEDED page to find out about the donations that we currently need, which ones we cannot accept at present and what we cannot accept at all.
  • Collectors and distributors: Please pay attention to the information on our DISTRIBUTION page. Access to the ZeSaBo is currently not possible at the same opening times as the donations are accepted.
  • Time donors: We need helping hands and welcome everyone who wants to get involved with the ZeSaBo. Here you can find more information.
  • Financial supporters and new supporting members: We need your support for the long-term financing of the site and ongoing operations. You can find more information here.

What is the ZeSaBo and who benefits from it?

The non-profit ZeSaBo accepts donations in kind, such as clothing, shoes, textiles, linen and household items from private and commercial donors and makes these available free of charge to private individuals and institutional distributors who care for people in need.

Everyone who cares as a neighbour, friend, volunteer, or as part of their job for one or more needy people in Bonn, can come to us for donated goods. These are available when required and according to the individual needs at that time.

Special action ASSISTANT MASK FOR BONN provisionally discontinued

Launched on 6 April and discontinued on 1 June in cooperation with the Office for Social Affairs and Housing of the City of Bonn and in collaboration with the Bonn Volunteer Agency, the special campaign took care of

  • Material receiving and distribution for the production of temporary masks (also called DIY masks or community masks).
  • Collection and hygienic treatment of privately produced makeshift masks.
  • Needs-based and free distribution and delivery of temporary masks to institutions and initiatives that care for people in need.

Here you can find more information and continue to order temporary masks.