The ZeSaBo is a logistic centre for accepting, storing and distributing donations.

From the very beginning, the task of ZeSaBo has been to relieve and support individuals and institutional organisations with the provision of clothing and household goods to those in need. Our side of the cooperation is to organise appeals for donations, acceptance of donations, quality control, sorting and storage. Individuals and institutions can then easily, at a convenient time, come to us for stock as needed.

ZeSaBo is a large warehouse and does not offer any direct distribution to people in need. Put simply, anyone who provides assistance to one or more people in need, on a full-time or voluntary basis, can register with us as a collector and select from the wide range of goods on offer and distribute these as required.

We are very fortunate to receive a lot support for the ZeSaBo and grateful for the invaluable work of volunteers and generous donations from our sponsors and the community, but alongside this, the ZeSaBo still has running costs to meet. Therefore we ask everyone who comes to collect and distribute items to consider becoming a member and through the membership fee, make a financial contribution. The membership fee is not compulsory because we do not want to exclude anyone from working with us for financial reasons, this would not be in anyone’s best interest as it would only disadvantage the people who need our goods.

Here you will find the application to become a collector and sponsoring member. Please print it out, fill it in, sign it and bring it with you on your next visit to ZeSaBo.

Your lists of needs:

Below you will find the links to the lists of the individual product groups. Open them in Acrobat Reader and then enter your name, date and quantity required for each item. Print out the completed forms and bring them with you when you visit ZeSaBo.

We ask for your understanding that we insist on these filled out lists of requirements before issuing goods.