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Special offer ASSISTANT MASKS FOR BONN provisionally discontinued

Launched on 6 April and discontinued on 1 June in cooperation with the Office for Social Affairs and Housing of the City of Bonn and in collaboration with the Bonn Volunteer Agency, the special campaign took care of

  • Material receiving and distribution for the production of temporary masks (also called DIY masks or community masks)
  • Collection and hygienic treatment of privately produced makeshift masksNeeds-based and free distribution and delivery of temporary masks to institutions and initiatives that care for people in need.

ZeSaBo: ideally positioned as a logistics centre

The demand for temporary masks was very high at the beginning of April. The ZeSaBo is centrally located and has many years of experience and expertise in the central and large-volume receipt of goods and distribution according to demand.

With the help of finally 160 volunteer seamstresses, well over 8,000 makeshift masks were produced and distributed to institutions and facilities that care for people in need.

Up to 57 volunteer drivers collected material from donors or delivered it to seamstresses and delivered the ordered temporary masks.

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Thank you very much for your commitment, your support and for forwarding!
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