ZeSaBo e.V. - Our task, our responsibilities, our aims

The non-profit ZeSaBo e.V. is the operator of the ZeSaBo and assumes financial responsibility for all necessary and incurred costs.

A considerable reduction in rent and generous support from the landlord of the warehouse and start-up financing in the form of a two-year rent subsidy (until the end of 2020) from the city of Bonn have made the reopening of the ZeSaBo possible to a large extent.

However, further financial resources are required, e.g. for ancillary rental costs, electricity, heating and other expenses, in order to be able to continue operations beyond 2020. The association must secure the financing of all expenses - until the end of the municipal start-up financing at the end of 2020 - as quickly as possible and is addressing all Bonn citizens, companies and every conceivable institution:

Support us with your sponsoring membership!

You can become a supporting member and secure the future of the ZeSaBo for as little as 30 euros a year.

We hope to spread the unavoidable costs of this demonstrably necessary, forward-looking and sustainable project over many shoulders.

Here you can find the statutes and here you can find the application form.

How you can support this beacon project

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Support the ZeSaBo project and the ZeSaBo e.V. by adding your logo to the list of supporters on this website free of charge. We would very much like to publish this with your personal statement and, if necessary, a picture not only on our homepage. Thank you for your support!

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