ZeSaBo e.V. - Our task, our responsibilities, our aims

The ZeSaBo e.V. was founded on 9 June 2018 and assumed the role of future tenant and operator for ZeSaBo at the new location, assuming financial responsibility for all necessary and incurred costs.

Thanks to a considerable reduction in rent and generous support from the landlord, along with start-up financing in the form of a two-year rent subsidy (until the end of 2020) from the City of Bonn, it is has become possible to reopen the ZeSaBo.

At the same time, further financial support is needed, for running costs, e.g. electricity, heating and incidental expenses. In order to meet these financial commitments, we are working on sponsor agreements with various providers.

We want to secure the financing of all expenses - initially until the end of the start-up financing from the city at the end of 2020 - as quickly as possible and we are approaching all Bonn citizens, companies and every conceivable institution:

You can help us enormously with your membership!

From as little as 30 euros a year, you can become a sponsoring member and secure the future of ZeSaBo. We hope to meet the costs of this necessary, successful and forward-looking sustainable project with a wide membership and as many sponsors as possible.

Below you can find the organisational constitution and membership rules on the ZeSaBo e.V.

Support us visibly

Support the ZeSaBo project and the ZeSaBo e.V. by adding your logo to our list of supporters on this website free of charge. We would very much like to publish your logo,  with your personal statement and possibly a picture on our homepage.
Thank you for your support!

Donate here

Until the ZeSaBo e.V. has non-profit status and its own account, the parish of St. Petrus will pass on donations which are identified with the reference „ZeSaBo e.V“ to the ZeSaBo e.V. i. G. account below

ZeSaBo e.V.
Deutsche Skatbank
IBAN: DE31 8306 5408 0004 1419 70

On request we will provide a donation receipt.